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Google Map

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{googleMaps addr=" 17T3 - Hoang Dao Thuy - Thanh Xuan - Ha Noi, Vietnam " label="GOOLE_MAP_LABEL" width=400 height=400}

Customization Options

  • lat - Lat: the latitude of the location to display on the map (an alternative to providing the address)
  • Long - Long: the longitude of the location to display on the map (an alternative to providing the address)
  • Zoom - Zoom: the initial zoom level of the map
  • Width - Width: width of the map embed
  • Height - Height: height of the map embed
  • Options - Options: Google map options.
  • control - Control: Additional controls to attach to the map.
  • maptype - Maptype: the type of map you want to display (roadmap, satellite, hybrid or terrain).
  • Lang - Lang: Language of map
  • Marker - Marker: whether you want to display the red marker showing the location specified by the address or longitude/latitude attributes.
  • Addoverview - Addoverview: whether to display the overview map control (the arrow in the bottom right corner that expands to show the region currently being viewed).
  • Addscale - Addscale: whether to display the scale control (the marking that tells you the distances represented in the map).
  • Streetview - Streetview: A Street View Panorama to display when the Street View pegman is dropped on the map. If no panorama is specified, a default Street View Panorama will be displayed in the map's div when the pegman is dropped.
  • Kml - Kml: A Kml Layer adds geographic markup to the map from a KML, KMZ or Geo RSS file that is hosted on a publicly accessible web server. A Kml Feature Data object is provided for each feature when clicked.
  • description - Description: A localized string describing the location.
  • label - Label: This is the label for the marker that indicates your designated address.
  • addr - Addr: You can display a Google Map by using your address or a latitude/longitude pair.

About Us

  • Rembu Construction is a construction firm based in Polokwane and Gauteng, South Africa. Since our inception, we have been tendering on various contracts and simultaneously arranging for contract insurance and performance guarantees for future contracts.

    The firm has successfully completed various construction work such as Road Construction, concrete Works, earthworks, seal work, patching, paving and General Building works, just to name a few for the government and private companies.

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